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The Bluer Ocean Project on Rodrigues Island are saving their island one coral at a time. These heroic Eco-Warriors

spend every day planting coral to protect both repair the damaged reefs and make sure the island stays as beautiful as it is for future generations. All sold work of YeadonYeadon goes directly to them. 


Centuries old this unique blend of chanting, anaerobic exercises and weight lifting was used by the ancient Persian armies in the training of their cavalry. Strongly preserved and practised throughout the regions
of Iran today. 

Arenas of the World

Each country and location has a unique setting, revealing the state of sport or pastime particular to that culture. 

This journey of color, vibrance and attitude reveals so much to me about the difference and similarity in everyone.

Pamplemousses Roughriders

They ride the deserted highways of the island by night, their customised super scooters built not bought. Mauritius' own Hells Angels.